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Hannett + Horror = Teh Awesomes

Lisa L. Hannett has joined the team over at This is Horror for 2013, so we can look forward to a brilliantly written, well thought-out monthly column that prods and pokes the monsters under the bed
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And woooohoooo!

In the mail today, The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2012 from Prime and the lovely Paula Guran and Sean Wallace. Huzzah!

My extremely rare story “Sun Falls” (rare coz it’s vampire fiction), originally published in Ticonderoga’s
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And in the squeeee that was heard around the world, the lovely Paula Guran at Prime Books has picked up my short story “Sun Falls” (from Ticonderoga Publications’ Dead Red Heart).

Also on the list are Margo Lanagan, Tanith Lee, Norman
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Dead Red Heart review

Over at the SF Site, the delightful Mario Guslandi reviews Ticonderoga Publications’ Dead Red Heart.

And says nice things 😀 . Here.

The Livings Drive-by, I presume: Martin Livings

Martin Livings is another one of those nice, talented Perth people.  His debut novel, Carnies, was published by Hachette in 2006 and has been optioned as a feature film this year. He’s the father of over sixty published short
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The Gilgamesh Drive-by: Amanda Pillar

Amanda Pillar is one of those talented combo-folk: both writer and editor. Her short stories have been published in anthologies such at More Scary Kisses (‘Philomena and the Blond God’) and Dead Red Heart (‘Out of the Grave’). She is also Editor-in-Chief for Morrigan Books, which has produced Voices (2008), Grants Pass (2009), The Phantom Queen Awakes
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A snippet from Sun Falls (Plus!)

Coz in my head, Terry looks like Lena Headey

Here’s a bit of a snippet from my story Sun Falls, which appears in the upcoming anthology of vampire fiction from Ticonderoga Publications, Dead Red Heart.

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Some Goodly News …

… to go with the site redesign (Thank you, Significant Other).

Nice review of Dead Red Heart over at Publishers Weekly, including a shout-out to my Sun Falls. Wooot!

And also good things about the next Scary Kisses anthology!

T’is here.
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Pre-orders of Vampire Fiction from Oz

Dead Red Heart is ready for pre-order from here.

Lisa L Hannett! Felicity Dowker! Martin Livings! Alan Baxter! Jason Nahrung! Moi! And more, more, more!

ToC’ly goodness:

32 fantastic tales, 454 pages, over 130,000 words. All about vampires. This tome will
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Behold. the cover for Dead Red Heart, the new Ticonderoga Publications compendium of vampire fiction … not fiction written by vampires … but fiction about vampires … the ToC is below and is exciting enough to make one
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