The Gilgamesh Drive-by: Amanda Pillar

Amanda Pillar is one of those talented combo-folk: both writer and editor. Her short stories have been published in anthologies such at More Scary Kisses (‘Philomena and the Blond God’) and Dead Red Heart (‘Out of the Grave’). She is also Editor-in-Chief for Morrigan Books, which has produced Voices (2008), Grants Pass (2009), The Phantom Queen Awakes (2010) and Scenes from the Second Storey (2010). Scenes from the Second Storey was nominated for the 2010 Tin Ducks and several Ditmars, Kirstyn McDermott’s ‘She Said’ from this anthology tied for Best Short Story at the Ditmars.

Amanda’s next project is Gilgamesh Press’ beautiful Ishtar (with K. V. Taylor), three novella from Cat Sparks, Deborah Biancotti and Kaaron Warren (yes, a knee-trembling amalgamation of talent right there). After that there is Damnation & Dames (with Liz Grzyb), a collection where paranormal and crime noire meet and have a drink in a bar and get up to shenanigans.

Be warned: she does not watch Dr Who.

1. Writing or editing?
Can it be both? Please? I was a writer before I was an editor, but I do more editing now than writing. Maybe one day I will find a happy medium.

2. You get to be your favourite character for a day – who do you choose, where and when do you go and do, and who is your companion?
Oh dear. I don’t know! I love lots of characters…but, I’m going to pick Dr Daniel Jackson from Stargate because he’s an archaeologist (like me…or more, I wish I was like him!). I would go off-world and hang with T’ealc because he is awesome. I would then try and cram in as much knowledge as possible so that when I go back to me, I’m more awesome *winks*

3. What was the inspiration for Gilgamesh Press?
This imprint of Morrigan Books was created in remembrance of Mark Deniz’s brother-in-law, who was murdered in December 2007. The goal of the company is to publish stories that will help keep the Assyrian culture alive.

4. Favourite Dr Who?
*looks embarrassed* I don’t watch Dr Who…

5. Donuts or danishes?

Her website, t’is here.

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