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WFC Ticonderoga Meet and Greet

BWA-ARC-cover-200x300Sorry for the late notice, but there will be a meet and greet at WFC for Ticonderoga Publications authors and illustrators: Jack Dann, Janeen Webb, myself and Kathleen Jennings.

Scheduled for Friday at 3 p.m in  Regency 1, please come along and enjoy some readings
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The Good Science Fiction Drive-by: Gardner Dozois


Do I really need to introduce Gardner Dozois? The Gardner Dozois? Really? The multi Hugo and Nebula winning science fiction editor and author? The frequently partnering Jack Dann in crime of some sort Gardner Dozois?


All I will say is that he
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The Getting It Wrong Drive-by: Ramsey Campbell

Photo by Peter Coleborn

I do not blithely throw the word ‘legendary’ around, so you know Ramsey Campbell deserves it.

The Inhabitant of the Lake and Less Welcome Tenants, his first collection was published in 1964 by the Arkham House imprint. His
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The Lakeside Drive-by: Christopher Green

I knew of Christopher Green via my write club buddy Peter M. Ball. Chris was a fellow Clarion South graduate (2007 iteration), but I didn’t read anything of his until ‘Lakeside’. We both had stories in Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again and Chris’s story was the first one I
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And so, retreat #2

Bed the size of a football field

Nature = galah

Nature = private beach thingy

And so, the retreat. The Edge writers group took off for its annual retreat. We subbed writing stuff, we
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And so, post-book launch

So, Kaaron Warren and I had our joint book launch Friday last at WorldCon. It was awesome.

Publisher Russell B. Farr wore his kilt
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And, launched!

The Girl with No Hands and Other Stories has been launch! Huzzah! As has Kaaron Warren’s Dead Sea Fruit. Thanks to everyone who came along, bought a book, listened, ate Haigh’s choclit frawgs, etc! Thanks to Russell and Liz at Ticonderoga for everything and to Lisa Hannett for the glorious cover and to Kaaron for being such a lovely author with
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The Legendary Drive-by: Jack Dann

Some say ‘legendary’ just isn’t strong enough a word. Some say the man’s a myth, because no one, but no one could be like Jack Dann. The man who gave us The Memory Cathedral, Promised Land, and The Rebel, is also an unrepentant editor of anthologies such as the World Fantasy award-winning
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And now life is complete:

The Girl With No Hands and Other Tales has arrived.

It has an Intro by legendary Jack Dann, a cover design by the extraordinarily talented Lisa Hannett and Kirstyn McDermott says nice things on the cover :-). Below, you see it resting on – why, yes, it is resting on an eighteenth century fainting couch. Let there
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The Undead Camel Drive-by: Jason Fischer

Jason Fischer is a Writers of the Future winner, author of the imfamous Undead Camels Ate Their Flesh (in Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again), the Apocalyptic novella Gravesend (its follow-up is on the way – huzzah!), and he has just made
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