And so, retreat #2

Bed the size of a football field

Nature = galah

Nature = private beach thingy

And so, the retreat. The Edge writers group took off for its annual retreat. We subbed writing stuff, we spent a chunk of one day group critting, then the next day everyone had individual crits with our tutors du jour – or in this case, tutors de l’année. Then the next few days are spent writing, percolating, editing, eating, drinking, talking, etc. In our case, there were also canoe-related activities … which brings me to our tutors: this year’s tutors of awe were Jack Dann and Robert Shearman – and we also had a special guest appearance by the inimitable Sean Williams. The natural link between tutors and canoes? Shearman had to be rescued from one by Dann. And Deb, whose injury is documented below. Shearman’s rep as Britain’s Greatest Writer is intact … however, he did have to hand over his medallion from the Cambridge Rowing Eleven … it was promptly given to Jack in reward for his work as lifeguard.

The location was sourced by Kate and Rob and was awesome to the power of rad  – and it shall continue to remain undisclosed coz, quite frankly, I don’t want just anyone finding their way up there :-).

Last known photo of Robert Shearman

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