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Genre Con Oz 2013 – Where Stuff Didst Happenst

So, from Friday 11 Oct through to Sunday 13 Oct, I was embedded in Genre Con Oz at SLQ … in the manner of an especially happy tick in the neck of a particularly juicy bullock.


My photo of
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This is what my friends do

My old mate, Lee McGowan, wanders around libraries when he’s not writing
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Queensland Writers Week Drive-by #5: Lee McGowan

Lee McGowan is a writer. Well, he wants to be a writer. Hey, at least he knows there’s a difference. He’s studying a PhD in Creative Writing at QUT, Brisbane, so he’s currently just practising. To fill his time, prevent him from turning over a few lazy hundred words a day and kick back, he does a spot
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In which …

… the very funny, very writerly Lee McGowan says nice stuff http://leemcgowan.wordpress.com/2009/12/15/no-words-necessary/

We’re all Fate’s monkeys.

Blog Tour – Pack a cut lunch and your shotgun*

QWC is running a blog tour – so far cracking writers such as Belinda Jeffrey and Chris Bongers have heard the call and blogged. Now, it’s Lee McGowan’s turn and if nothing else, his title should attract interest: 

Someone burnt my safari suit…

Read the rest here http://leemcgowan.wordpress.com/2009/10/27/someone-burnt-my-safari-suit/

For more QWC Blog Tour go here http://qwc.asn.au/Resources/TheEmptyPageBlog.aspx

* in
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A Cross-post … as opposed to a cross post

From my dear friend Lee McGowan’s blog, The Simplest Game. He is not a stupid man.

the secret is there is no secret…

It’s no secret that there’s no secret to successful relationships. Keeping the emotional credit good with the wife is, for me anyway, not that difficult really. You don’t even have to understand the great mystery that is ‘woman’. If there
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