A Cross-post … as opposed to a cross post

From my dear friend Lee McGowan’s blog, The Simplest Game. He is not a stupid man.

the secret is there is no secret…

It’s no secret that there’s no secret to successful relationships. Keeping the emotional credit good with the wife is, for me anyway, not that difficult really. You don’t even have to understand the great mystery that is ‘woman’. If there is one of course. When I told someone my theory recently they told me I should write it down. This is a wee bit of a whirl to see what it looks like on paper.

A close firend put me onto the simple formula and for over ten years it’s held me in exceptional stead. I go and get bevvied when I want or need to. I get to spend time with my mates, she shows me great patience (most of the time) and I get a boating trip and a football trip away a year. I know. Hey my wife’s no door mat. She’s a fiercely strong, independent, intelligent, shining example of a good person. I stand in awe of her ability to run a business and a home. I don’t need to suck up her arse either. I’m telling you this same as I tell her. So what about this secret stuff?

Read the rest here: http://leemcgowan.wordpress.com/2009/10/13/the-secret-is-there-is-no-secret/

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