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Genre Con Oz 2013 – Where Stuff Didst Happenst

So, from Friday 11 Oct through to Sunday 13 Oct, I was embedded in Genre Con Oz at SLQ … in the manner of an especially happy tick in the neck of a particularly juicy bullock.


My photo of
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Queensland Writers Fellowship

Dr Stuart Glover, Kris Olsson, Patrick Holland, Dr Angela Slatter, Minister Ian Walker

Dr Stuart Glover, Kris Olsson, Patrick Holland, Dr Angela Slatter, Minister Ian Walker

So, this morning I went over to the State Library of
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Where are my peeled grapes and bathtubs of champagne??

cheeseWhich is a weird way of saying that last night I did a workshop at Indooroopilly Library and got pretty much the closest thing to rock star treatment I’ve ever received as a writer!

I had a lovely group of students who
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QWC – Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program

qwcIt’s on again, the sixth national manuscript development program for fiction and non-fiction writers.

This is a unique opportunity, so put your best manuscript forward.

Follow the guidelines, do not argue with the guidelines, and don’t be rude to the staff at QWC.

Go here for details.

GenreCon 2013 is Go!

So, it was a huge hit last year in Melbourne. It will be a huge hit again in Brisbane this year.

Here’s the blurb:

For those of you who missed last year’s show, here’s the official pitch: the Read more…

24Hr Book: The Autopsy

Why the f&%k can't writers follow the style sheet??

And so, a week after the action I can finally process what happened. The fact that I’m bed-ridden with the Mother of All Flus, which has
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Just in case you were wondering …

Here’s a great summary of what we talked about at the So You Want to be a Writer seminar last weekend.

Thanks, Poise On Arrows!

Home and Huzzah

We’re home after a five week trip and this blog has been sorely neglected. A contrite series of catch-ups will be posted. Tomorrow, though, I must set aside my jetlag and related tendency to walk into
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FNQ: Hello, Humidity

In a few hours I’ll be heading into the state’s north to teach short story workshops in Townsville and Cairns … and to have my hair turn into a giant frizz ball. Something like this …

But it’s
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QWC’s Publishers & Agents Seminar

QWC’s Publishers & Agents seminar is on Thursday 20th October – I believe it’s the last one for the year. If you’re looking for info about publishers and agents and want the opportunity to hear from the horses’ mouths, then go here to book a spot.