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On a more positive note …

… after my little spit about creepy people lacking in n’etiquette, here is something awesome.

Writer Alan Baxter reviews Sourdough & Other Stories over at his blog. I do believe this is the first review :-).

I consumed this thing whole and it consumed me.
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Pulling a Récamier

Why am I using David’s Madame Récamier to illustrate my prostration on the eighteenth century fainting couch?

Because I couldn’t find a LOLCAT that appealed.

And why am I pulling a Récamier?

Still waiting for the postal service to bring Sourdough & Other Stories to my
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Sourdough & Other Stories

Here’s a snippet from the Intro by the delightful Robert Shearman to Sourdough & Other Stories :

We are shaped by the stories we’re told. And the first stories we’re told are fairy tales.

Nowadays, this may not be strictly true, of course. Kids may be dangled on the knees of overprotective parents, and read stories of hungry caterpillars, or shown cartoons
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The Year in Review – as of 25 March 2010

… so, I was sitting around last night after I’d finally finished tidying up the Afterword for The Girl with No Hands & Other Tales, doing what I usually do which is thinking I’m not doing enough as a writer.

Then the reasonable part of me appeared (she makes occasional cameos) and took stock. She said “Errr, have a think about what you’ve got for
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