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Corpselight ARC in the Wild!

Or rather, in my hot little grabby hands.

Much excitement.

Thanks to Jess  at Hachette for sending it to me.

Many thanks to Alison Goodman, Margo Lanagan and Christopher Golden for the lovely cover quotes.

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Corpselight cover

Here’s the wraparound – and the praise (I like the praise)!

Praise for Corpselight

“The Fassbinder fun continues. The only-half-Normal Brisbane sleuth has fox-spirits, ninja librarians and much, much worse to deal with now, even as motherhood gives her a makeover. Slatter’s
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supaExcitement plus!

I’ll be one of the guests at Supanova this November in Brisbane and Adelaide!

Writing peeps will include Alan Baxter, Alison Goodman, Maria Lewis, Peter V. Brett, Lian Hearn, et al!

Lady Helen and The Dark Days Club: Alison Goodman


Because no interview is complete without a Kathleen Jennings portrait.

The delightful and delovely Alison Goodman is not only one of my favourite writers, but also one of my favourite people – which is important because you don’t always enjoy meeting
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And Then interviews: Amanda Wrangles

Clan Destine Press is bringing out a new anthology And Then, and you can read interviews with the authors here over the next few weeks. There is also an Indiegogo campaign, to which y’all can contribute here.

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And so, WFC

IMG_1774I figure I’d better write this now while I still have some memory of the events of the trip! First and foremost, I was a plague rat for most of my time in the UK, and the consensus from friends is
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Over at the Guardian: Science fiction and fantasy: the wonderful wizards of Oz

ozThe Guardian has a look at the ’emergence’ of Australian SFF authors onto the international scene:

If your experience of Australian science fiction and fantasy is limited to Nevil Shute’s On the Beach and the Mad Max films, it’s time to take another look
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The Two Pearls Drive-by: Alison Goodman

Voted by her peers as girl most likely to be the first female doctor – or a meerkat impersonator – Alison Goodman is also, as luck would have it, an extraordinarily talented writer. She taught me one of the most
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Blurby Goodness

Books start to feel real when you send back the final edits and then you get the blurb from your publisher. If I wasn’t so tired from typing up edits and the Most Awesome Wedding of Jason
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The Bribie Pack

This is the bunch of reprobates who went to Bribie for The Edge Writers’ Retreat a couple of months back … only the names have been omitted to protect the guilty or slightly culpable … except for Kirstyn McDermott, whose photo it is … and Jason Nahrung who desseminated said photo …

Did I cop it for the plaits? Yes, I
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