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Honorable Mentions

CoverHuzzah! Queen of the Darkness, Ellen Datlow, has released her Best Horror of the Year, volume two, Honorable Mentions,

Sister, Sister got a mention (Strange Tales III from the glorious Tartarus Press). Peter M Ball’s Horn did too. And Jason Fischer got 3 – count ’em, three! Woooooot!

Other notables include Margo Lanagan, Tansy Rayner Roberts,
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Horn, Siren Beat, BoE and Hugos

Until March 13, Twelfth Planet Press is offering free electronic copies of Horn by Peter M Ball and “Siren Beat” by Tansy Rayner Roberts and short stories from Deborah Biancotti’s A Book of Endings to help you catch up on your Australian specfic reading.

Go here http://girliejones.livejournal.com/1544355.html

Aurealis Awards

Tonight is Aurealis Awards night here in Brisneyland, the last one run by Fantastic Queensland, possibly the last one ever if no one takes up the franchise for next year. It’s been an amazing four years of FQ running the AAs very professionally.

Great list of nominees http://www.aurealisawards.com/finalists_winners.htm – special mention to Twelfth Planet Press, the little-indie-that-could, with its many nominations, and
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Horning In

HornOh, it was about time I got to make a bad, vague pun about something (Jason Fischer will be proud of me).

Peter Ball’s debut novella Horn has had a sweeeeeeeet review in the September ish of Locus. Rich Horton is frequently a source of good, informative and informed words about short fiction and he is
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First Rule of Write Club: Talk About Write Club

My talented friend and writing buddy, Peter Ball (author of the rapidly becoming notorious novella Horn) and I have been conducting Write Club for nigh on two months now. This started out as a result of me whinging about my writer’s block and Pete regaling me with the tale of how Holly Black (Spiderwick Chronicles) and Kelly Link (Magic for
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Review of 'Horn'

Peter Ball’s novella Horn, from punching-above-its-weight indie Twelfth Planet Press, got reviewed by the uber-redoutable (yes, ‘redoubtable’ is my word’o’th’month) Jeff VanderMeer over at Ecstatic Days http://www.jeffvandermeer.com/2009/06/24/first-and-short-horn-by-peter-m-ball/#more-5059.

 Twelfth Planet Press http://twelfthplanetpress.wordpress.com/

First Review of 'Horn' to hit t'internets

From Nyssa at http://www.awritergoesonajourney.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=491&Itemid=203

“A brilliant and very unique story.

Miriam Aster was once a cop – and also dead, but she doesn’t remember much of it – and is looking for her next month’s rent, which comes in the form of a mate at the morgue with an unusual corpse.

You’ll never look at the fey or unicorns the same ever again.
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NatCon – or What I Did in Adelaide that Didn't Involve Frog Cakes

I arrived a day early, which was great because it meant I got to spend some time with the awesome La Belle Hannett, my fellow Clarionite and the other half of my brain. We found a cafe, Notcoffee (which provided much bacon) and talked; we talked a lot; then we talked a bit more. Her partner Dr Chad had cleverly
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NatCon! Or Why Did I Book Such an Early Flight??

Conjecture, aka the 48th Australian National SF Convention, will be occurring in Adelaide as of this Friday.  GoH is the award-winning, best-selling (two words it’s always nice to see together, just like ‘choclit’ and ‘cake’ … mmm, wait, do the hyphenated words count as four words?) Julie E. Czerneda. Getting there will involve me getting out of bed at 4am tomorrow in order to
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Available for Pre-Order: 'Horn' by Peter Ball

It’s good – very good. I beta read it back in the days when I had time for that sort of indulgence. Go here http://twelfthplanet.livejournal.com/ and pre-purchase with impunity.