Aurealis Awards

Tonight is Aurealis Awards night here in Brisneyland, the last one run by Fantastic Queensland, possibly the last one ever if no one takes up the franchise for next year. It’s been an amazing four years of FQ running the AAs very professionally.

Great list of nominees – special mention to Twelfth Planet Press, the little-indie-that-could, with its many nominations, and also to Peter M Ball for the awesomely wrong Horn.

The Other Brain and I haz dresses and shoes and accessories with much shiny embedded … we haz hair products and hair torturing implements a’plenty … we will head to the Stamford later today for the glamourizing part … then off to the Judy about 6pm … then let the party begin … but not so much partying that tomorrow’s industry breakfast feels like there are two very angry hamsters trying to mate in one’s head.

Good luck to all the shortlisters! Play nice! Be gracious in both lossery and triumphiness … be dignified and don’t fall down the stairs when rushing to collect your award! 🙂

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