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The Sourdough Posts: The Angel Wood



This story first appeared in the lovely Shimmer #5 in 2006 (and illustrated by a wondrous piece by Sandro Castelli). The title came from a late night episode of Frost, I think, in which there was indeed a place
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Again, art blast

Another Chrissy Ellsworth piece, the cover for Shimmer‘s issue 4, 2006.

Illustrating my story “Bluebeard”, in that issue.

Weird stuff happens when you’re asleep …

Or rather, The Weird Stuff.

The delightful and slightly (okay, very) Weird Jeff VanderMeer introduces me at the Weird Fiction Review.

Behind the scenes, Angela Slatter has been working as WFR’s managing editor by, among other efforts, answering queries, working with writers on
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Hewing Away the Rough Walls (Or, Five Ways to Put Your Story on a Diet)

Picture not related – just awesome

The ever-clever Lisa Hannett has blogged over at Shimmer on the above topic. She also mentions my favourite Michelangelo story (no, not the one involving the duck and the four melons).

Michelangelo, that Renaissance
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Lisa Hannett does a cameo over at Shimmer!

Lisa’s story “Gutted” recently appeared in one of my favourite magazines, the very lovely Shimmer. To go with the story, she wrote a blog post entitled Short Story Collections: Gathering Places for Infinite Worlds.

Imagine yourself at a party.

Not just any
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Selling Fiction is Not For Wimps – Jay Lake’s advice for newbies

Great guest post from Jay Lake over at Shimmer:

Jay Lake here, happily guest-blogging for Shimmer on the subject of selling fiction for new writers. This post recaps a number things I’ve said before along the way, with a focus on the basics of aspiration and breaking in. I hope it proves helpful to you.

The Internet is
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Goodness that Shimmers!

Always happy to post about Shimmer!

The stories are wondrous and the art is glorious.

Issue 12:

We released our first issue in 2005. We’ve gotten stronger with each issue, and Issue 12 contains wonders and marvels, from Peter M. Ball‘s punk-not-emo teenage werewolf story, to Josh Storey‘s gorgeous take on
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Drive-by: Amal El-Mohtar

Amal El-Mohtar is joint Queen of Goblin Fruit. She’s a poet, writer, and PhD student in Cornwall (a small envious voice in my head screams “Tintagel” every time I think of that, accurately or not). Her short fiction and poetry have been published in places are varied as
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Scenting the Drive-by: Mary Robinette Kowal

Mary’s first novel, Shades of Milk and Honey, the fantasy novel Jane Austen should have written, was released into the wild this year (via the good graces of Tor and the lovely
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Servant of the Underworld


Forgive me, I am having a slow start to the year and should have pointed this out days ago … the talented Aliette de Bodard has her debut novel coming out this year via Angry Robot (Note for nerds: HarperCollins’ new spec-fic imprint; also publishes Kaaron Warren).

Servant of the Underworld is the first book
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