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I’ve hit the halfway point on my new novel, Morwood, so I thought I’d share the first chapter and the piece of art that inspired the story. This painting is by Ruth Sanderson and I first saw it at WFC in Washington in
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Working on …

Hind-Girl… getting The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales finished by the end of January before I start on the third and final Verity Fassbinder book, Restoration.

Here’s a sample from one of the The Tallow-Wife tales, “Embers and Ash”. Keen-eyed readers will notice the
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Patreon peeks

So, one of the things I’m working on (in between all the other end of the year deadlines) is a Patreon account.

One of the reward levels will get you a scroll once a month with some sort of story-related artefact on it. Kathleen Jennings is doing the art for me.

Exhibit A is A Brief History of the Hind-Girls:

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Review: Of Sorrow and Such

sorrowsandsuch-cover-200x300Well, a year since its release and my lovely Ditmar Award winning Tor.com novella, Of Sorrow and Such keeps getting nice reviews. Huzzah! Thanks, Alasdair Stuart.

Mistress Gideon is a witch. The people of Eddas Meadow, the village where she lives, either
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Interview: Angela Slatter and Of Sorrow and Such

sorrowsandsuch-cover-200x300Somehow I missed the posting of this! The delightful Man of Words, Alasdair Stuart, about my Tor.com novella Of Sorrow and Such (with the amazing Balbusso cover).

Yesterday I reviewed Angela Slatter’s excellent Of Sorrow and Such, published by Tor. Today here’s an
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And double squeeeee!

FeastofSorrows_Cov_V01A second early review of A Feast of Sorrows: Stories!

“A Feast of Sorrows assembles fourteen stories, two originals and twelve reprints, which provide a fascinating showcase of Slatter’s extraordinary talent as a gifted storyteller and a devoted scholar of the
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The Bitterwood Posts: The Maiden in the Ice

handThe Maiden in the Ice

Her boots are stout, the winter ones, with tiny ridges of metal embedded in the soles to clutch at the slippery surface, and she moves quickly with the light cautious step of a fox approaching a henhouse. Her
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The Dark: Bearskin

TheDark_Template_Final3aforlightbackgrounds71-220x340The latest issue of The Dark Magazine contains my tale Bearskin, as well as work by Patricia Russo, Sandra McDonald, and Brooke Wonders.

Torben knows he has only one shot. The crossbow shakes in his grip. There is a single bolt and even
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Story Sale: Bearskin


From http://www.tehcute.com/full/bear-cubs-and-mom.htm

This morning I woke to find I’d sold “Bearskin” to Sean Wallace for the February 2015 issue of The Dark. This has a nice symmetry to it as I sold “By My Voice I Shall Be Know” to The Dark for
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More Crossroads

Rossetti's Pandora

Rossetti’s Pandora

‘And how does she look?’

            ‘Like me once, but not anymore. She’s a mass of burns and rotting flesh.’ Bethany shrugs. ‘Gods know, she may be dead already. If so, then I’ll pay your fee just to bring
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