Interview: Angela Slatter and Of Sorrow and Such

sorrowsandsuch-cover-200x300Somehow I missed the posting of this! The delightful Man of Words, Alasdair Stuart, about my novella Of Sorrow and Such (with the amazing Balbusso cover).

Yesterday I reviewed Angela Slatter’s excellent Of Sorrow and Such, published by Tor. Today here’s an interview with Angela about the book, the way it uses community and history and the other stories in this vibrant and brilliant fantasy world.

Tell us a little about Of Sorrow & Such.

Well, a few years ago I wrote a collection called Sourdough and Other Stories. There was a story in there called “Gallowberries” and it featured a bright young witch called Patience Sykes. Patience had just taken revenge on some righteous townsfolk for the murder of her mother … instead of getting out of Dodge quick smart, she hung around … and stuff happened.

I’d maintained a soft spot of Patience and always thought I’d like to tell more of her story … then the chance came along to do a Of Sorrow and Such sees her in her middle years, she older, wiser, a little less feisty, but still no less dangerous to cross. She’s dedicated to her own survival and that of those she loves; she’s pragmatic and ruthless, loyal and clear-eyed. Oh, and a witch. A true witch.

The rest is here.

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