Working on …

Hind-Girl… getting The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales finished by the end of January before I start on the third and final Verity Fassbinder book, Restoration.

Here’s a sample from one of the The Tallow-Wife tales, “Embers and Ash”. Keen-eyed readers will notice the name of an old friend from St Dymphna’s.

           The woman shakes her head, says, ‘I shall be above.’

            ‘There’s nothing there,’ Lis protests.

            The woman shrugs. ‘There are memories. That will be enough.’

            Lis watches as the woman makes her way to the door, then as an afterthought calls, ‘Do you have a name?’           

            The woman smiles and Lis thinks she will not answer.

            ‘I am Mercia and once I trod the corridors of the Citadel.’

            And she is gone before Lis can say But the Citadel fell over three centuries ago.

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