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Grab your dictionary and read this

Mr Mieville again at Omnivoracious – Neither a Contract Nor a Promise: Five Movements To Watch Out For – I like to sit with my Oxford Concise close at hand whenever I read a Mieville-esque piece. No one else makes me feel quite so much like Ralph Wiggam and I often mumble to myself  ‘I have a cat called Mittens’,
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Reasons to Love Nancy Kress

1. The White Pipes is one of my favourite books.

2. She writes about writing in a way that’s clever yet accessible; erudite yet appealing. And just damned practical and down-to-earth.

Here she blogs about the discipline of writing – i.e. the application of the backside to the chair and the fingers to the keys. It’s a useful read because sometimes we all
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And some extra bloggy goodness, just coz we can

The Mieville’s (why can’t I get the damned accent on that damned ‘e’? *grump*) blogging week at Omnivoracious is yielding some superb stuff like this There and Back Again: Five Reasons Tolkien Rocks s

More Bloggy Goodness

From Jeff VanderMeer’s Ecstatic Days:

Last year, I interviewed China Miéville for Weird Tales’ 85th anniversary issue. Yesterday, I posted a short excerpt of the interview on Omnivoracious as part of an announcement about China blogging there. (For those of you living under rocks and on distant planets, his The City & The City was released recently.)

I’m posting the
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Aurealis Awards

The Aurealis Awards are now open for nominations – go here for details

The important thing to remember is not who wins or loses, but that the ceremony rocks! 🙂

Super Useful

Jeff VanderMeer has re-opened his critique service – hard to get better quality crits than from this guy, seriously. See

First Review of 'Horn' to hit t'internets

From Nyssa at

“A brilliant and very unique story.

Miriam Aster was once a cop – and also dead, but she doesn’t remember much of it – and is looking for her next month’s rent, which comes in the form of a mate at the morgue with an unusual corpse.

You’ll never look at the fey or unicorns the same ever again.
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The most excellent and erudite CHINA MIÉVILLE blogs at Omnivoracious all week

New Story at The Daily Cabal – Inheritance

‘Miss Millikan?’

I can barely hear the woman for the noise in the background at her end. ‘Yes?’

‘It’s Nurse Seraph at Sacred Heart. It’s your grandmother.’

I feel the cold hollow in my stomach, where a vacuum forms. ‘Has she?’

‘Not yet, but you need to come down. The others are here and there’s a bit of a problem.’

‘What sort of a problem?’

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NatCon – or What I Did in Adelaide that Didn't Involve Frog Cakes

I arrived a day early, which was great because it meant I got to spend some time with the awesome La Belle Hannett, my fellow Clarionite and the other half of my brain. We found a cafe, Notcoffee (which provided much bacon) and talked; we talked a lot; then we talked a bit more. Her partner Dr Chad had cleverly
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