A bumblebee, accessorised

Well, it seems the PhDoom, aka the Michael Meyers Memorial PhD (it keeps coming back, no matter how many axes or knives you apply to its spine) is done.

My darling supervisors have been wonderful and very patient – much love and props to Drs Viv and Donna for reading the same slightly rearranged set of entrails for a very long time (yes, PhD by haruspicy).

Yet somehow I cannot help but feel that the PhD is a bumblebee of sorts … something that shouldn’t be able to fly, but does … and I’ve just gone and added a pair of large earrings, an overstuffed handbag, some bracelets, a sun hat and a pair of very big gumboots to it and now the poor thing is waddling down the runway as if it’s just had the buffett breakfast at a five-star hotel.


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