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I was interested to see this post over at Twelfth Planet Press http://twelfthplanet.livejournal.com/12338.html on author bios (via Bibliophile Stalker).

Last week I was teaching this in my class, trying to emphasise the importance of having a few standard bios handy – because, trust me, you will be asked for one. Newbie authors say “Oh, but I haven’t had anything published/accepted – what’s the point?” Well, the point is that you will be asked, then you will go “Gak! Argh! What the hell do I say?”

I have author bios up to my ears and I still say “Gak! Argh! What the hell do I say?”

I reckon all authors should have three basic ones upon which one can build – a 10 worder, a 25’er, and a decent 100 worder. Once you get the basic info down, you can add and subtract and update as and when required. Be prepared and that way you won’t find yourself maundering on about how many cats you have …

Not that there’s anything wrong with cats … but unless they do your writing for you, a reader doesn’t necessarily need to know … and if your cat is doing your writing, then you’ve got a whole other series of problems. I’m just saying.

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