And lo, I did say unto my hair …

… t’is Friday and I am not leaving the house, so I shalt wash thee but I’m stuffed if I’m going to brush thee.

And lo, my hair did say unto me: I give thee Farrah Fawcett’s fringe, circa 1978. Don’t mess with me.

And now I am off to brush and straighten my mop.


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3 Responses to And lo, I did say unto my hair …

  1. Flinthart says:

    Good lord! Who is that seductive 70s icon peering peevishly over the bottom of the photo frame? Is the odd cropping in place to prevent the rest of the world from discovering that you’re rockin’ the red swimsuit down there?

  2. Angela says:

    Identity concealed to protect the eyeballs of the innocent or otherwise.

  3. Flinthart says:

    Hmm. I’m guessing I’m probably in the “otherwise” category. Again.