And so, Narrow Daylight

Many years ago (okay, 2006) I began what I thought would be a novel called Narrow Daylight. It’s not my usual thing, there’s a distinct lack of supernatural or fantastical or horrific elements. It’s about the affect of a suicide on a family, how it tears lives apart, re-opens old wounds, and how secrets leak out.

It didn’t become a novel, but rather a novelette, but that was all that was needed to tell the story – and I don’t like adding words for the sake of making something reach a particular fighting weight.

I’m happy to say that Rod Morrison of Xoum has picked it up for digital publication. We’re now working through the editing process and I’ll be able to advise of a publication day somewhere down the track.

Coincidentally, Xoum is also the publisher of Kirstyn McDermott’s wonderfully dark Perfections, and Jason Nahrung’s darkly wonderful Blood and Dust.

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