And Then interviews: Lucy Sussex

Clan Destine Press is bringing out a new anthology And Then, and you can read interviews with the authors here over the next few weeks. The indiegogo campaign might have ended, but you should still check out the authors and their stories.

lucy-screenToday, And Then author Lucy Sussex talks about “Batgirl in Borneo”.

What inspired “Batgirl in Borneo”?

Going to Borneo for a very inter-cultural wedding, and finding a fascinating diversity, of fauna, flora and people. And then missing an encounter with Islamic terrorists
by just two days.

What appealed to you about this project?

Rewriting the discourse of Borneo by writers like Agnes Keith, into
something that reflected the changes in the place, its complexity, and
its uncertain future.

What advantages does a long-short form offer?

Space, and narrative progression without a mass of wordage threatening
to collapse upon the reader.

The future of short fiction is …


What’s next for you? figurehead

Examining the hidden discourse of gay men around the time of the Oscar
Wilde trial.


Lucy Sussex was born in New Zealand. She has edited four anthologies, including She’s Fantastical (1995), shortlisted for the World Fantasy Award. Her award-winning fiction includes books for younger readers; and the novel, The Scarlet Rider (1996; reprinted 2015). She has five short story collections, My Lady Tongue, A Tour Guide in Utopia, Absolute Uncertainty, Matilda Told Such Dreadful Lies (a best of), and Thief of Lives. Her latest book is Blockbuster: Fergus Hume and The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (Text, 2015). It won the history section of the Victorian Community History Awards on Monday.



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