Corpselight is launched!

Oh yes, it is.

Huge thanks to everyone who came along last night to listen to Drs Kim and Ange do “Twenty Questions with Angela Slatter”. Thanks to everyone who bought books – I hope I spelled all the names correctly! – and to Pulp Fiction Booksellers for selling the books, to my sis for the photos, and to Iona and Kat of the Brisbane Square Library for looking after us with such efficiency and enthusiasm. 

And mega huge thanks to Dr Kim for such excellent questions, especially the Michael Fassbender one, the Conan the Barbarian quote one, and the one that gave me the opportunity to cast some fairly impressive shade (that only my nearest and dearest would have recognised the many layers of), and for playing “mic drop”.

Thanks to my publisher Jo Fletcher, and to Hachette Australia for the assistance.

And to anyone who knows the sort of state I was in last year when we launched Vigil (6 days after a break-up, three days after a torn knee thingy): I am MUCH better!

And it is always the best feeling to see my family sitting in the front row – it’s easier for my Dad to heckle.

Thanks, Dr Kim

Art by Mr Nigel Bell. Thank you, sir.

Joke was probably inappropriate. First of many.

Cupcakes by K, once again superb.

Signing line, plus both of my heads.

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