Miss Lulu

I’m reposting this here as I know not everyone’s across all the social media forms, but I also know a lot of folk have followed the adventures of the house doggoes. And I’m writing this now because I don’t think I’ll be able to do it tonight. CW for pet death.
We are having A Day.

Our darling girl, Miss Lulu, Madame, the Irish Terror, the Tartlet, Slinky Malinky, Lulu McGoo, Miss Bug, Little Heart, the Turdburger, Wicked Little Dog, Her Royal Naughtiness will be crossing the rainbow bridge tonight.

We are all devastated, but it’s time to let her go with love and grace. She’s almost 14, which is a great and venerable age for an IT. She’s had a wonderful life and given so much joy to her dads and me and everyone who met her. Well, maybe not some of the dogs who didn’t meet her exacting standards. She did love people though, and embraced her weirdo little brother Johnny the beagle when he moved in (“He might be a weirdo but he’s my weirdo!”)

When she was about 4 months old, Ron brought her over to my old house for dinner; she was all legs and snoot and so timid. She hid under the dining table until I gave her a piece of rib fillet. I don’t think she’s ever forgotten that. When I came to live here, she just accepted me. “Well, of course you’re here, now pat me behind my ears while I sit on your feet.”

It’s been a hard couple of months and Ron and Stephen have done everything they could for her, but it’s time. She is absolutely adored and will be forever The Very Best Wicked Little Dog with the Very Best Dads and a Not Bad Random Aunt Who Came to Live with Her.

Spare a thought for her today, the world will be a dimmer place.

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