New Book Deal!

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This is news I’ve been sitting on for a wee while and dying to share!

I’ve signed a new seven-book deal with Titan, which means three new novels (set in the same world as All the Murmuring Bones, etc), and three new folk horror novellas. The final book will be a “Sourdough Compendium” of all three mosaic collections previously published by Tartarus Press (see, if you’re a fan of Tartarus editions you might want to rush and buy the last of their stock of Sourdough and Other Stories, The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings and The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales).

The announcement came out in The Bookseller on Tuesday, the gist of which was:

Titan Books has scooped a seven-book deal for three novels, a reprint collection of short stories and three modern folk horror novellas from A G Slatter. Editor-at-large Cath Trechman bought world all-languages rights, including audiobook, from Meg Davis at Ki Agency Ltd. Under another deal, Slatter will publish another novel with Titan in February 2025. The books in the new deal will be published from October 2025 onwards beginning with the horror novella The Cold House. Davis said: “Angela and Titan are publishing alchemy together, and I’m very happy that this magical combination will continue.”

The three novels and the short story collection will be set in the same fantasy world as All the Murmuring Bones. “I’m delighted to be signing with Titan again. I’ve had such a great experience with them,” said Slatter. “I can’t wait to write more novels in the world of All the Murmuring Bones and The Path of Thorns! And I’m excited to get my teeth into the new folk horror novellas.”

Trechman said: “Angela Slatter is the real deal: her ability to build elaborate worlds and weave the most intricate plots, all while keeping up a thriller-like pace, gripping the reader like a vice, is nothing short of astonishing. It’s an absolute privilege to work with her. I’m overjoyed, not only to have three more delicious dark fantasy tales, but also to see her turn her expert hand to the modern horror novella, all of which promise dark delights.”

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