New Service at The Flensing Factory

New Service: Read and Report

The “read and report” option is just that: instead of editing your work, I’ll read your short story and write you a report about what works and what doesn’t.

What you’ll get: I will read your story and write you a report of approximately 3 pages, identifying what works, and what doesn’t. If the story works and I know of a specific suitable market, then I will advise. This is a broad overview of a short story (the equivalent of a “manuscript assessment report” for a novel or novella).

What it isn’t: I won’t edit your work or correct your spelling or suggest specific fixes to individual problems. But the report will give you the information you need to work out how to do that. For this reason, the service is likely best suited to (a) experienced writers with a strong grasp of writing craft who need an objective report, and (b) to new writers eager to take their own independent steps to learn writing skills, and who want to be pointed in the right direction.

Short Story “read and report” (flat fee):

up to 2,500 words      = $100
2,501 to 6,000 words = $150
6,001 to 7,500 words = $200

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