On Boundaries and the Internet

Having just had a fairly unpleasant experience, I feel moved to post a few guidelines for internet etiquette.


1. Just because you can’t see the person and they can’t see you, doesn’t mean manners go out the window.

2. Don’t say something to someone on the t’intertubes you wouldn’t say to their face.

3. Don’t friend someone on FB, etc, because you think them “pretty or do-able”. And really, really don’t tell them this.

4. Do not ask personal questions about their relationship, residence, family, breast size, etc.

5. Don’t tell this person that you really, really like them and think you’re gonna be besties forever. Do not them try to ask more personal questions on the grounds of the foregoing. You do not have a relationship with this person. You are not friends – anything that occurs in your head, should stay there. Don’t share.

6. It all counts as stalking. It’s revolting. It’s invasive. You don’t have the right to do it.

7. Learn some freaking manners and behave like a civilised human being.

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7 Responses to On Boundaries and the Internet

  1. Lynne the Lurker says:

    Sounds like you have had to face a completely *ew*, *ick* moment. (hugs)

  2. angelaslatter says:

    T’was gross.

  3. Flinthart says:

    Hmm. Yeah. Eyyeeww.

    Now you know why I’m

    b)a cartoon pirate, and
    c)almost never,

    on FaceBook.

    Although – speaking of stalking, did the note I sent from Borneo arrive yet? I’m concerned about the little headhunter who offered to carry it downriver in his canoe for me…


  4. Ben says:

    That sounds shitty, Angela 🙁

    Hope you’re okay.

  5. angelaslatter says:

    And another creepy email this morn on FB from another creep – giving serious thought to closing it down.

  6. Ben says:

    If you go into Account>Privacy Settings you can set it so that only people you have Friended can see your posts, photos etc. That might help cut down the creep ratio?

  7. angelaslatter says:

    All done. We lives in hope. Zanks, BP.