QWC – Hachette Manuscript Development Program

QWC and Hachette Australia are once again running the famed manuscript development program. It won’t get you a publishing contract with Hachette but it will get you a manuscript that’s been looked at and critiqued by professionals – one that can sent on to other publishers and agents in a better shape than it started out in. That being said, it’s been run since 2008 and 2 participants have received contracts with Hachette after resubmitting, and two others have scored contracts with other publishers, and several others are doing the rounds of agents and publishers. So, I’m going to say a unique and highly useful opportunity for emerging Australian writers.

And for the love of all that’s holy or otherwise, read the guidelines, terms and conditions, etc – and don’t argue about them.

If the links don’t work, then go to http://www.qwc.asn.au/ProgramsProjects/NationalProgram/HachetteManuscriptDevelopmentProgram.aspx

The Queensland Writers Centre and Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program has been created for emerging Australian authors of strong commercial fiction who are either unpublished or have no more than one significant work commercially published.

The successful applicants will work with publishers, literary agents and booksellers to develop high-quality fiction manuscripts.available here for your further information. An application form is available for you to download; your entry must include one.  FAQ sheet.

The program will run for five days at a location in south-east Queensland from 19-24 November 2010.

Guidelines are

Any further questions are answered on the

Queensland Writers Centre and Hachette Australia congratulate the successful applicants of 2009, as well as the long list, for their high-quality work.

We’d like to thank all applicants for their participation in and support of the QWC/ Hachette Manuscript Development Program for Fiction Writers. For those applicants who weren’t selected, we encourage you to apply for future programs, and to keep writing.

This program is an initiative of Queensland Writers Centre and Hachette Australia, and is funded through Arts Queensland as part of the Queensland Writer Development Strategy.


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