The Horror, The Horror VII

So, I’ll be teaching this in July along with luminaries Lynda E. Rucker, S.P. Miskowski, and Michael CiscoWriting Horror Fiction with Substance.

My week will be all about self-editing for writers, how to get your work into the best shape possible before you inflict it on others (especially editors).

There’s more to horror fiction than shock and revulsion.

Over the space of four weeks, a quartet of today’s leading horror experts will take you through the elements that go into constructing a better horror story, from introducing weird elements, to better understanding POV, to finding your best setting, and finally, teaching you to edit your work to a fine point. 

And by the end, you’ll have a better appreciation of the tremendous possibilities horror fiction continues to offer the ambitious writer.

Over the course of your four weeks in this class, you will get:

  • Original lectures written by each instructor specifically for this course
  • The opportunity to study with four of today’s leading horror writers
  • Instructor and peer critique within a supportive environment
  • Writing assignments designed to help you to develop your ability to create dynamic horror stories
  • Insightful commentary from all four instructors to help you to develop your writing more fully

For details, go here.

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