The Naked Drive-by: Bella Vendramini

And now for something completely different. We leave the field of spec-fic for a day and peek into the world of actress and author, Bella Vendramini. Naked in Public is the follow-up to her best-selling debut Biting the Big Apple. I think the press release says it best:

Brace yourself for a tropical jungle, an exploding building, a Parisian love affair, a life-changing romance (or two), depression, acting in the New York theatre, spanking lessons, a Tarantino blockbuster, a German concentration camp, a New York society wedding (Bella’s), a wreck of a marriage (yep, Bella’s again), serial burglary, murderous hitchhikers, digging up dead people, champagne on the French Riviera, driving the Monte Carlo Grand Prix circuit (drunk), breaking into the Cannes Film Festival, uprooting friendships, the beating of her life, fleeing a detention centre in Canada, having an out-of-body experience in a gutter and more than a few sanity pleas… Bella figures she finally knows a thing or two about adventure – and about fortune.

Here she answers five random questions:

1. When did you first begin writing? What was the first story you told?
I kept a journal since I was a wee lass – “I went to school. It was good. Bye. Love always, Bella”. Great heights of literary merit were achieved. It’s funny, verbally I’m an awful storyteller, I waffle and wander and my obliging listeners get that glazed eyed look and pluck at non-existent fluff balls. So I guess my real first story was the first book Biting The Big Apple .

2. What are your writing fetishes, i.e. what can’t you write without?
I used to be a bit precious about writing, I needed time and space and a nice view to ponder. But when I wrote the last one, Naked In Public, I was traveling at the time so it was written in hotel rooms, airports and by the side of the road at times. My preciousness got whacked out of me well and truly. 

3. You must choose between writing and acting: go! And give reasons for your choice.
Damn, that’s a hard one! …ahhh, um… damn it – I can’t chooooose! It’s like choosing between white chocolate and milk chocolate – clearly impossible. 

4. How much trouble has your writing gotten you into?
A lot. Especially with new boyfriends, they seem to get upset that I’ve had sex before. 

5. Donuts or danishes?
Danishes – with caramalised fluffy pastry and hot dark tea laden with sugar alongside fresh mangoes and cold champagne consumed while overlooking the coast of Capri. Sigh. 


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