Welcome to Miskatonic University: An Anthology

Art by Yves Tourigny

So, there’s a new kickstarter a’brewing: Welcome to Miskatonic University.

Head on over here and check it out – and if you’ve got a few shekels, throw them in the hat. There are two anthologies: Welcome to Miskatonic University and It Came From Miskatonic University, containing tales from the likes of Gwendolyn Kiste, Kristi DeMeester, Tonya Liburd, Joe Pulver, Jennifer Brozek, yours truly and many others.

From the creators of Tomorrow’s Cthulhu and Ride the Star Wind, there’s a brand new anthology on the way. Broken Eye Books is at it again with original short stories from a modern-day Miskatonic University.

Welcome to Miskatonic University brings you modern tales of good ol’ MU. Each story shows a slice of college life at this storied and magical institution, steeped in the occult and part of the strange town of Arkham. Come visit this fascinating New England university—where science and magic, tradition and experimentation go hand in hand—and the quiet, secretive town on which it relies. 


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