Writer Chaps!

The latest project from Brain Jar Press is the Writer Chaps series, which is now up for pre-order. Season One contains writing advice from myself, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Kaaron Warren, Alan Baxter and Sean Williams. (Do I love this cover? Oh, yes, I do.)

Details below!

**Angela Slatter/Writer Chaps Pre-Order**
There’s been a few weeks of cover sneak peeks, but we’re pleased to announce that pre-orders for Angela Slatter’s You Are Not Your Writing & Other Sage Advice are now live!
The first book in the Brain Jar Press Writer Chaps series, this chapbook collects some of Angela’s insightful and direct advice about the relationship between writers, their work, and the publishing industry they inhabit.
You can pre-order your copy direct from Brain Jar Press, or from any of the stores listed down in the comments, but if you’re a fan of Australian speculative fiction you can get all six chapbooks in the first season of Writer Chaps for just $18 (ebook) or $60 (print) and get them delivered month-by-month as they’re released.
You Are Not Your Writing & Other Sage Advice: https://www.brainjarpress.com/…/you-are-not-your…/
Season 1 Subscription: https://www.brainjarpress.com/…/writer-chaps-season…/

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