Finnish Spec-fic – Hello.

Team VanderMeer just returned from a huge trip to Finland. Finland survived and we all have the chance to learn more about Finnish SF and Fantasy …

SF/Fantasy by Finnish writers is hot this year, with two major titles now out in the U.S. that capture the range and complexity of the current scene: Birdbrain by Johanna Sinisalo and The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi. But visiting Finland meant having a chance to delve a little deeper, an opportunity to catch tantalizing glimpses of a rich and vibrant SF/fantasy tradition in which the distinctions between genre and literary fiction seem less and less important.

Ze rest is here.

Post #2
Recently, my wife Ann and I flew to Finland for seven days of lectures, workshops, and other presentations at various universities and writer organizations. The trip was made possible by a travel grant from the Finnish Literature Exchange (FILI), in conjunction with the largesse of the Finnish science fiction/fantasy community. Ann shared her expertise as the Hugo Award-winning editor of Weird Tales and I shared my experiences and knowledge as a writer for the past twenty-five years. We stayed at people’s houses for the most part and traveled by train across the country, visiting not just Helsinki but Turku, Jyväskylä, Tampere, and Espo.

And here.

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