Funny and Useful – How Not to Land an Agent

Courtesy of Master Aidan Doyle and all the time he spends on t’internets … From

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3 Responses to Funny and Useful – How Not to Land an Agent

  1. Jason Fischer says:

    “My book is differentiated from Twilight because the vampires have wings, and are half-breed angels.”


  2. Jason Fischer says:

    Brilliant stuff 🙂 I honestly don’t know how literary agents avoid going postal, dealing with this stuff every day.

    the best three examples seem to be nesting together…

    Tragically initiated into a secret panther-worshipping society…
    It’s about unicorns. They’re the protagonists.
    My name is Maya and I’m an elf.

  3. Angela Slatter says:

    Is it not magnificent? 🙂