Huzzah for Dreams of Shadow and Smoke!

grande_shadowandsmoke1Many and warm congrats to Messrs Brian J. Showers and Jim Rockhill of Swan River Press – their J Sheridan Le Fanu tribute anthology, Dreams of Shadow and Smoke, has won Best Ghost Story Book for 2014 (in 2015, as is the way of such things)!!

I believe there are a few copies of this beautiful limited edition remaining. Go here – you know you want to.


“A Preliminary Word” – Jim Rockhill & Brian J. Showers

“Seaweed Tea” – Mark Valentine

“Let the Words Take You” – Angela Slatter

“Some Houses — A Rumination” – Brian J. Showers

“Echoes” – Martin Hayes

“Alicia Harker’s Story” – Sarah LeFanu

“Three Tales from a Townland” – Derek John

“The Corner Lot” – Lynda E. Rucker

“Rite of Possession” – Gavin Selerie

“A Cold Vehicle for the Marvellous” – Emma Darwin

“Princess on the Highway” – Peter Bell

“Story Notes” – “Biographical Notes”


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