In which there is dancing and a book deal


I had no appropriate pic, so went for Kathleen’s suspicious-looking fox

A three book deal to be precise.

As I’m given to understand (by a very reliable source) that this info has been released at the London Book Fair this week, I can no longer keep my trap shut: I’ve signed a three book deal with the delightful Jo Fletcher Books (so, Hachette International). The Verity Fassbinder series is based on the short story “Brisneyland by Night”, which first appeared in Sprawl by Twelfth Planet Press.

The first book, Vigil, will be out in 2016 in a European summer (which I take to mean around about May, but as the weather seems to be moving backwards possibly September), with Corpselight and Restoration to follow in 2017 and 2018. There’ll be garbage golems, witches making wine from the tears of children, sirens, angels who really don’t like humanity, soothsayers, and coffee and cake. Lots of coffee and cake.

“Brisneyland by Night” has been reprinted in Paula Guran’s The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror 2011 (from Prime Books), and online at Lightspeed Magazine – should anyone want a hint of what you’ll be getting (it’s not Sourdough, be warned, so not Sourdough).

The deal was negotiated by my Most Excellent and Sartorially Overachieving Agent, Mr Ian Drury of Sheil Land. More details as official things come to hand.

As this comes at the end of a week that started with three Aurealis Awards, my natural writerly pessimism is kicking in, so I’m now going to sit in a corner and watch for rain.

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