The Writer and the Critic goes Patreon …

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dtct books
Stack of books

… which basically means you can pay Mondy to sing a song every podcast.

You know you want it.  Go here, give money.

My point?

One of my fave podcasts, run by the award-winning and thoroughly superb Kirstyn McDermott (hereinafter referred to as “The Writer”) and Ian Mond (hereinafter referred to as “The Critic”), has started a Patreon page. There’s a range of excellent rewards, which do indeed include the vocal stylings of Mondy and Kirstyn’s crafty craftness (handmade voodoo dolls! Oh, no, wait. That was just my wishful thinking. *SIGH*), so you should go and fling some shekels at them.

They are smart, they are funny, they are well-informed, and they’re often angry and profane, which makes them funnier still. You can listen to them here, for free.

Give The Writer and the Critic money, you know it makes sense and will enrich your karma. I did – and it’s going straight to Mondy singing … also a voodoo doll, if I can persuade Kirstyn.

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