T'is a Well-known Fact …

… that I’m a fan of The Lifted Brow (China Mieville said it was ‘gorgeous’; Jeff VanderMeer called it ‘f*%king awesome’ and sent me a picture of him holding it (see? That’s his thumb); Robert Shearman said it was ‘the most beautiful anthology in the universe’ – okay, I may have exaggerated that last one). MPhoto_040309_002y point is that The Brow is looking for subs – Australian subs for the AUSTRADIA ish.

Hey, we are doing a really fun issue next year and we need Australian work. Pls send up to three pieces of unpublished writing (any genre) or art/comics to editors@theliftedbrow.com by 1 December, with AUSTRADIA in the subject line. No queries though; if in doubt, just send it. This might be an opportunity to work on something unconventional; we’ve published stories as long as 10,000 words, for example, and we like things with pictures and other stuff. Or it may just be an opportunity to send your best work to a place that badly wants to see it. (Unfortunately: no music for this one! But we’re often interested in reading short stories, tour diaries, jogging diaries, birdwatching diaries – all four of which we’ve published – by bands we like.) *** THELIFTEDBROW.COM *** The Lifted Brow is a biannual attack journal from Brisbane and Melbourne. In a short space of time, we have debuted or published early-ish work by Chris Currie, Ben Law, Krissy Kneen and Michaela McGuire, alongside artists like Douglas Coupland, Neil Gaiman, Tom Bissell, and The Lucksmiths. Our December issue is an atlas of the world, to be followed in 2010 by a poor people magazine and a Halloween special.

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  1. Brendan Carson says:

    OMQG. I don’t even know what the Q stands for, but will be sending stuff. Thanks.