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About non-writing, writing, and tips for new writers. Also fairy tales. And my forthcoming debut novel Vigil.

Amber: Thank you for taking a little time with me today. It’s always appreciated. Let’s start where most of these do. Who are you? Where did you grow up? What would you like inquiring readers to know about Angela Slatter that isn’t necessarily about your writing?

Angela: Oh, wow. Not about writing? That’s kind of a shock since I’m a full-time writer so that’s all I think about really! I grew up in a few different places because we moved around with my Dad’s job (he was a cop for 38 years), so I’ve lived in Brisbane, Ipswich, Cairns, and Longreach—none of which means much to anyone except another Australian! I’ve worked as an administrator in several universities, as an article clerk, as a print project manager, a membership services coordinator, and freelance editor among other things. I occasionally teach creative writing and do mentoring … there you go, back to writing. I have no cat, does that mean I’m not a real writer?? I like cats, my sister has many cats (possibly even my share of them), but at the moment there’s no special cat in my life. I have a husband, though, I’m very fond of him. I love reading, writing, watching movies, walking, and not having to cook my own dinner, so very fond of eating out. I cannot knit, although I can crochet. My mother taught me never to darn socks, to just buy new ones. I love caramel fudge. I drink my coffee black. I have accepted all of my writing awards while wearing evening gowns and no shoes.

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