lsSo, if you’ve noticed (and why wouldn’t you?) that the wonderful Mr John Llewellyn Probert has a new book out – The Lovecraft Squad: All Hallows Horror (that’s his cover to the left) – you might be thinking, “Well, where can I get more of this Lovecraft Squad of which you speak?”

I’m so pleased you asked.

Because, having followed the instructions of the Dark Lord/Editor Stephen Jones to the letter and returned my paperwork in a lifelike and almost convincing imitation of a well-behaved writer, I can announce that The Lovecraft Squad: Waiting is the forthcoming mosaic novel set in this world!

And I’ve got a story in it: “Howard’s Way”.

AND! these other fine folk (who constitute some of my favourite writers) also have stories in it: Peter Atkins, Stephen Baxter, Richard Gavin, Brian Hodge, Jay Russell, Kim Newman, Thana Niveau, Reggie Oliver, Michael Marshall Smith and Steve Rasnic Tem.

Yes, eleven-year-old Angela is squealing with delight. Forty-nine-year-old Angela is … also squealing with delight.


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