Where are my peeled grapes and bathtubs of champagne??

cheeseWhich is a weird way of saying that last night I did a workshop at Indooroopilly Library and got pretty much the closest thing to rock star treatment I’ve ever received as a writer!

I had a lovely group of students who came along and were really engaged and interested and asked great questions. The delightful Scott of the Library organised everything – nothing was too much trouble. And it was a great space to teach in after my initial nerves about being in an open-plan area.

It was a really refreshing experience – sometimes when I’ve turned up at libraries to teach, I’ve been meet with everything from indifference (“You’re doing what to who now?”)  to downright annoyance (“You want something photocopied?” delivered in the tone of “You want the life of my first born child??”), but last night I felt welcomed and valued. Not only were there mini-muffins and a cheese platter (A CHEESE PLATTER, PEOPLE!), but two awesome Auslan translators because one of my students was hearing-impaired. That was such a fantastic effort to ensure everyone got the maximum from the class. I am a fast talker – so I apologise to my poor translators!

So, in summary: Indooroopilly Library = awesome.


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