An Almighty Squeeeeee!

While the rest of today is being difficult (‘Gravity nothing, this planet sucks!’), some good writing things are happening.

I just got the proof from the lovely Tehani at FableCroft Publishing for my contribution to the Worlds Next Door anthology, Genevieve and the Dragon. And yes, I have taken myself off to a corner of the office to snoopy dance and make *squeeeeee* noises in an undignified fashion.

Of interest and related: the awesome Kahtleen Jennings posted some of her ‘throw-away’ illustrations over on her webpage … the last two were possibles for Genevieve  … ZOMG, if this is the stuff she throws away …

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2 Responses to An Almighty Squeeeeee!

  1. Flinthart says:

    Kathleen is brilliant. And congrats on getting your proofs, Ma’am. I’ve yet to see mine… but it’s nice to rub shoulders in another anthology. Makes me feel like a growed-up writer type, sharing a TOC with the legendary Angela Slatter!

  2. angelaslatter says:

    When did I become legendary? Nightmarish, sure but legendary? 🙂