And another lovely review of Sourdough and Other Stories

… by Paul Charles Smith – over here. ‘Empty you heart of its mortal dream’ – that title should have a story attached to it! Mmmmmm.

Tartarus Press is a publisher best known for its lavish reprints of old obscure and out of print collections of supernatural, weird and horror fiction, but they do occasionally also publish collections by contemporary writers. One of these is Sourdough and Other Stories, the debut collection from Angela Slatter, a writer previously published in Tartarus’ Strange Tales anthology, and it is an absolute treasure. Set in and around the cathedral city of Lodellan, the collection is a series of dark fairy tales, often interlinked, featuring witches, trolls, water spirits, sirens and more. A world where dolls can be animated with slithers of souls, and where the dead wait in the cold dark, ever hungry.

The nice news from Tartarus is that there aren’t huge numbers of the collection left, so it’s been selling well. Huzzah!  

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2 Responses to And another lovely review of Sourdough and Other Stories

  1. Paul says:

    I’d love to take credit for the title, but alas, I *borrowed* it from Yeats. 🙂

  2. Angela says:

    Excellent! 😀