Aurealis Awards are moving to …


Why, yes, I did resist the urge to do a Juan Antonio Samaranch on that.

After 15 years the Aurealis Awards, Australia’s premier awards for Speculative Fiction, finally make it to Sydney. Chimaera Publications, the publishers of Aurealis magazine and owner of the Aurealis Awards and book imprint, have reached agreement for SpecFaction NSW Inc to administer the Awards for 2010.

The Awards’ founder, Dirk Strasser says, “Fantastic Queensland took the Aurealis Awards to a new level during its six years, and all the signs indicate that SpecFaction NSW Inc will maintain this standard of excellence. With Sydney now joining past hosts Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, we can truly claim the Aurealis Awards as fully national.”

The rest lives here, with info about changes in dates, etc

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One Response to Aurealis Awards are moving to …

  1. Jess says:

    Sweet! With this on, maybe Sydney can organise some spec fic festivals or cons again.