Cover Reveal: The Briar Book of the Dead

I’m so happy! You might be able to hear the delighted squeeeeeing. That’s me looking at the cover for The Briar Book of the Dead, which is coming out in Feb of 2024 from Titan Books. Did I mention it’s available for pre-order?

Ellie is the first non-witch in three hundred years to born into a family of witches – the Briars who rule Silverton and hold the border against the Darklands. But Ellie discovers she’s got another altogether unexpected power and she’s going to need all the help she can get as the world of the Briars begins to come apart at the seams.

This will be my third book for Titan, set in the world of the Sourdough, Bitterwood and Tallow-Wife collections (Tartarus Press). It has some connection to my novella Of Sorrow and Such (, but you don’t need to have read the novella to enjoy Briar Book (but it definitely won’t hurt if you have!).

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