Dan Simpson is running a competition

He’s giving away a copy of Sourdough and Other Stories, Marianne De Pierres’ Glitter Rose and The Arrival and Sketches from a Nameless Land by Shaun Tan. Go here!

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9 Responses to Dan Simpson is running a competition

  1. dansimpson says:

    Thanks for the plug Angela!

  2. angelaslatter says:

    De nada!

  3. dansimpson says:

    Well in that case… mucho gracias!

  4. dansimpson says:

    Could I be cheeky Angela and ask you to sign the copy – if I arrange some there and back postage?


  5. angelaslatter says:

    Sure, why not? You can send it to me at the Qld Writers Centre, P O Box 3488, South Brisbane 4101. 🙂

  6. dansimpson says:

    That’s awesome! Thanks!

  7. angelaslatter says:


  8. Dan Simpson says:

    Books arrived safe and sound Angela. in fact they arrived more than week ago, but my postie decided not to leave me a card saying it was waiting for collection… Grrr

    Anyways, thanks for signing them for me. Pure awesome.


  9. Angela says:

    Not a problem at all! 🙂