Day Five …

… of a migraine and I’m over it … days 1-2 were low level annoying throbbing pain behind the eyes … day 3 was OMG-give-me-painkillers-or-take-off-my-head-please agony … days 4-5 are back to low level aching … I just want it to go away … and so, a lolcat in lieu of actual content until my brain and eyes stop trying to kill me. Should be writing something, but just can’t. Meh. Just call me “Fluffy”.

Oh and btw, tomorrow’s drive-by is China Miéville – he thinks raisins are abominations.

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2 Responses to Day Five …

  1. Mack Knopf says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your migraine. My mom gets them, and they’re no fun. She’s tried all sorts of specialized medicine, even shots, but now sticks with prescription painkillers as needed, plus a darkened room. I hope yours goes away soon!

  2. angelaslatter says:

    Thanks, Mack.