A breach in the hull of my house on Wed night saw the significant other trundling over at 11 at night with wire and all manner of manly toolbox items to do a quick fix. As a result of the late interruption – I’d been ready to go to bed when housemate pointed the issue out to me – I pretty much passed my sleep cycle and then couldn’t get off to the land of nod anytime on Wed night or the early morning of Thurs. So, last night I went to bed early and have slept through to 11am … and so have woken with a sleep hangover, a junkie’s need for coffee and a pair of grumpypants I cannot seem to remove.

So: *grumble*.

The upside of yesterday was, of course – barring any flooding and rain damage to others – the awesome storm that passed over Brisneyland with blacker than black clouds and enough rain to cause a small waterfall in the back yard. I took these pics – they are not blurry, it was the rain. Here endeth the random grump.

Click on the photos and you’ll see what I mean, the jacaranda is very obviously getting beaten up by the rain.

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