In which North Yorkshire refuses to feed us

And so, after arriving at an expensive B&B which was not prepared for us (more of that tomorrow), we set off at 6.00 to try and find dinner. We do not smell bad, we look normal’ish and we have money.

The Italian restaurant in a nearby village, which had 8 free and empty tables, could not possibly fit us in until 7.30.

The pub near it smelled like arse and was filled with folk who gave us the ‘this is a local pub for local people’ stink eye.

Then there was the pub at the next village which, despite having put out all its “Food!” signs, actually had no food coz they had run out of gas with which to cook said food.

In utter despair we headed towards Escrick – to find the Most Awesome Thai Restaurant in the World. 

Thanks, Sangthai – you fed us, restored our faith in food and hospitality, and generally provided a welcome that’s been sadly lacking in this part of the country.


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5 Responses to In which North Yorkshire refuses to feed us

  1. Ian Golledge says:

    So how does an unfriendly, xenophobic village have The World’s Best Thai Restaurant? I feel a story coming on! The World’s Best Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

  2. Laura-F says:

    As a Yorkshire girl this makes me unhappy! But you should have come to the lovely West Riding, we are very friendly here 🙂

  3. Flinthart says:

    Ha! You were looky! Back in moi day, we ‘ad to walk twenty-fahve mile through pouring sleet in t’ ‘ope of standin’ downwind of Thai restaurant!

    (And if you don’t get the reference… shame on you!)

  4. Angela says:

    No worries – we survived :-).

  5. Angela says:

    Why of course I recognize the ref! We’ve been quoting it up and down the country :-).