Lee McGowan Strikes Again – Football Fantasy Mash-up

Imagine Middle Earth, a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Then imagine the biggest, bestest fantasy football world cup ever. Now your on the right wavelength, I’m gonnae blow a bit of football nonsense at you, a bit of nonsense I like to call the star wars versus lord of the rings world cup.

At work we discuss many colourful subjects. Most recently we discussed the star wars/lotr graph. A genius document, invented by a friend and colleague. If she’ll let me, I’ll discuss it one day. Then we started talking about my PhD research in football fiction. The two conversations collided. Like cutting a hole in the gates of Mordor with a light saber, having Yoda over for lunch at Rivendell or using a jedi mind trick in Hobbiton, (“Move along these are not the Hobbits you are looking for,”), thanks to the seemingly limitless imagination of my boss, we’ll call her, ‘the bookshop floor manager’, we developed a massive, the universes’ (aye plural) hugest football league.

The rest lives here http://leemcgowan.wordpress.com/2010/03/16/geek-fantasy-football-world-cup/

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