Mea Culpa

I have been slack:

Trent Jamieson ( aka The Nicest Man in Spec-Fic) has his first novel out, with Orbit no less. Death Most Definite has been reviewed over here

Steven de Selby has a hangover. Bright lights, loud noise, and lots of exercise are the last thing he wants. But that’s exactly what he gets when someone starts shooting at him.

Steven is no stranger to death-Mr. D’s his boss after all-but when a dead girl saves him from sharing her fate, he finds himself on the wrong end of the barrel. His job is to guide the restless dead to the underworld but now his clients are his own colleagues, friends, and family.

Mr. D’s gone missing and with no one in charge, the dead start to rise, the living are hunted, and the whole city teeters on the brink of a regional apocalypse-unless Steven can shake his hangover, not fall for the dead girl, and find out what happened to his boss- that is, Death himself.

And he uses the word ‘Psychopomp’, which I think counts for quite a lot.

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6 Responses to Mea Culpa

  1. Jess says:

    Damn you, now I must have it. And I *just went* to the bookstore!

  2. angelaslatter says:

    In my defence, it’s not out until August … ish.

  3. Jess says:

    You are duly forgiven :). I’ll just have to coo “my precious” at it till then.

  4. angelaslatter says:


  5. Trent Jamieson says:

    Hey Angela,

    Thanks for the shout out!

    If I wasn’t so busy getting the third book finished I’d be walking around in a constant oh-my-god-I-have-a-book-coming-out-in-five-weeks cloud.


  6. angelaslatter says:

    On rare occasions, I use my powers for good.